Success Stories from Patients of all Ages:


The most frequent comment from our Pediatric patients' parents is..."It's like having a new baby!"


"Thanks so much for all the caring and “curing of ills” you’ve provided both of us over the years. We greatly appreciate all your efforts toward improving our quality of life. It’s so obvious that your concern for and involvement with your patients runs very deep and it means a great deal to us. If success is to be measured by the number of people that we touch positively in our lives, then you most certainly can consider yourself a successful person."

~Marcia & Joe K.


"Switching from the Scottsdale practitioner we were going to since we first came to Arizona was the best move we could make and we have never regretted it. We are so grateful for your care which we believe has been helping us maintain such an optimum health condition, especially considering our ages. We love you, Doc."

~Charlotte & Joe E.


"I wish every mom could go to a doctor like Dr. Lisa.  I think every parent should bring their newborn in to see her as soon as possible.  Everything that she checks, like head shape and palate for nursing issues, cranio-sacral work and adjusting is not anything you will get from the pediatrician or any other doctor.  She was a life-saver.  Just to know what was going on with my baby was such a relief.  I brought my 6 week old because she just cried and cried after her Hep B shot.  She wouldn't latch and nursing was difficult.  Dr. Lisa really opened my eyes to so much and helped tremendously.  We have since moved out of state and try as I might, I cannot find another doctor like her."

~Michelle M.


"We can’t tell you what a blessing it has been to have you for our doctor! What a privilege! We think the world of you and always have total confidence in your medical treatment and experience. You are definitely the best!"

~Cheryl & John T.


"I am blessed to have found in you not only an outstanding chiropractor but also a kind heart...one who truly cares about my overall well-being. I appreciate how you take the time to listen and share your knowledge."

~Pam B.


"I am so grateful for the friend that recommended I go to Dr. Lisa.  I never would have thought about a pediatric chiropractor.  I genuinely feel it changed the relationship between me and my daughter.  She was able to help with breastfeeding more than anyone else.  Because of her, I was able to breastfeed for 11 months."

~Chrissy G.


"I came in here with a shoulder that didn’t work right and headaches all the time. Now I rarely get a headache and my shoulder is restored to full range of motion. I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate your sincere caring for me as a person. Thank you!"

~Teresa W.


"I spent 10 years in intensive pain in my shoulders. I had been to most of the better hospitals, including Mayo Clinic, but to no avail. It took 1 week for you to take the pain away. Thank you for the years of outstanding medical attention you have provided for me. And thank you for the way that you make us, your patients, feel that we are important in this world."

~Larson E.


"I appreciate your compassion, willingness to listen and your gift of healing."

~Nancy T.


"Our son was having difficulty sleeping, would throw up after eating and would cry for hours.  Life was not pleasant for any of us!  After starting care with Dr. Lisa, we have no more 'hours of crying', reflux is gone, he is sleeping better and we 'found' our happy little baby.  We are able to enjoy our son as he grows and develops.  Thank you for your care and concern for our baby."

~Rachel B.


"Thank you for your healing touch, your warm heart and your beautiful smile. You have helped keep us healthy and we are so thankful for everything you always do."

~Denise K.


"Thank you so much for helping our entire family! You are such a gifted healer! We call you FIRST for any issues we are experiencing and you always know exactly what we need! Thank you for keeping us in optimal health!!"

~Bethany B.


"My husband and I took our son Mason to Dr. Lisa when he was 1.5 months old, because he wasn't sleeping well.  He would also turn bright red and strain anytime he had to relieve gas/poop and he would spit up almost every time he breastfed, which we didn't even think was really an issue.  After Dr. Lisa's initial evaluation, we understood that he had muscular imbalances and restriction in his neck and upper back and was suffering from indigestion.  Mason was born with a vacuum extractor, causing him a hematoma and issues with his cranial bones which Dr. Lisa discovered as well.  After seeing her for a month (and counting) Mason is sleeping for 3-5 hours at a time, doesn't turn red or strain when he has to go to the bathroom and the bones in his head are shifting together correctly.  Dr. Lisa has helped with ALL of our son's discomfort and for that we are grateful.  The advise she gave on nursing position was invaluable for both of us.  We are so lucky we found Dr. Lisa, because we know helping our son with these issues NOW...will create a much healthier future for him.  THANKS DR. LISA, we look forward to watching Mason grow with your help!"

~Ashley & Chris H.


"I always say “Thank You“ after you have adjusted me and are on your way to help the next person. That does not seem adequate. You brought me back from the depths of hell. I had been to too many specialists who could not figure out what was wrong. I was in so much pain I was useless. You diagnosed me and we began our journey together back to health. Our journey lasted 18 months. Now I am looking forward to doing things with my family I have not done in years. My children are happy to have me back. I have my life back and I have you to thank. So THANK YOU!"

~Mary SB


Dr. Lisa,

Thank you for taking such good care of me over the past couple months.  I feel so much better and my Mommy and Daddy tell me that I am such a joy to be around!  Keep up the good work.

~Love, Nicholas


"You are the next best thing to a guardian angel to us. As you know, my boys have all been very active and injured along the way due to it. The first request is to see you! EVERY TIME! We could not carry on our normal lives without you. You are far more than a shingle hanging out front. You are the perfect combination of Healthcare practitioner, caregiver and World Class Chiropractor. Thank you so much for all you do."

~Shannon V.


"Thank you for your kindness, your caring, your endearing and professional ways!! Thank you for caring about the person that I am and not just the disease that I carry. Thank you for always listening and encouraging me to take better care of myself."

~Sandy C.