The “Balanced Baby Method”


The Balanced Baby Method was created by Dr. Lisa Montez-Wood and is the culmination of many years of ongoing education and clinical practice. Along with a thorough consultation and examination, it is the melding of a number of gentle complimentary techniques with the goal of helping your baby regain the happy, healthy state of balance and proper function that he/she was meant to have.

The techniques in the Balanced Baby Method include:

Additional treatment protocols include:

  • Nursing Consult, Evaluation and Recommendations
  • Nutritional Guidance and Dietary Support
  • Supportive Therapy Recommendations, such as Supplements or Essential Oils
  • Sleeping Guidelines and Recommendations
  • Tongue/Lip Tie Evaluation and Recommendations
  • Home Exercises/Activities

Each child’s care is individualized and the techniques and protocols will be included in varying amounts and as needed based on your child’s unique examination findings. What components of the Method are utilized will most likely change in proportion as care progresses and improvements occur. Older children’s care will obviously not encompass all of the above components.

Benefits of the Balanced Baby Method include:

  • Pediatric Care focused on the whole child, not just symptoms or separate parts
  • Restoring health and vitality without the use of medication and its side effects.
  • Correction of developing structures, thus decreasing risk of further issues at a later time.
  • Increase in likelihood of reaching proper developmental milestones
  • Prevention of compensatory issues developing in the future
  • Getting to the underlying root cause of the problems, not simply “band-aiding” symptoms