Pediatric Care

At Palisades Family Chiropractic we do not take lightly the confidence you have placed in us to treat your child. Getting to the root of what is going on and utilizing whatever recommendations and therapies are needed to help your child be as happy and healthy as possible is our goal.

What is the “Balanced Baby Method”?


Some of the services may include:

babygirl1.jpgNewborn/Infant Care

Care for newborns and infants is drastically different than what you may envision when you think about chiropractic care. Depending on the needs/problems of the child, Dr. Lisa will use very light pressure, stretching, cranial therapy and craniosacral techniques to reverse the effects of abnormal womb position, birth trauma or other subluxation-causing factors to a child. A thorough examination and consultation are the first steps.

nursing.pngNursing Evaluation

Even though many parents have been to nursing consultants and other health care providers, Dr. Lisa has a different perspective on nursing position and what may be causing issues. Is it position, is it Mom’s milk supply, tongue tie, or is something going on with baby’s cranial bones or nerves affecting their sucking or jaw, just to name a few? An evaluation is the first step and the answer is often not what is thought.

feet.pngDevelopmental Progress/Milestones

It is crucial to a child’s overall future health to make sure that they not only are achieving the “milestones” such as rolling over, crawling and walking – but that the precursor movements prior to those are correct and progressing in a balanced pattern so that the child develops properly. By having someone that is trained in assessing these movements/activities, problems that may result in the future due to these imbalances can easily be determined and corrected.


It is extremely important for many childhood (and adult) issues to assess how food may be a contributing factor. Is Dairy, wheat, or sugar a factor in earaches, eczema, allergies, or reflux? Looking into the diet of both mom (if she is nursing) and child is often an important element in determining and treating what may be impacting your child. Specific dietary and/or supplement recommendations are often an important step towards a happy, healthy child.

baby.pngLifestyle Recommendations

What position is baby sleeping in? How is the baby being held? Are baby carriers good? All these typical activities can either help or hinder your child’s  comfort level, proper growth and development. Looking into and making adjustments to these every day activities can make a world of difference.